Thursday, October 15, 2009

CHRF Campout! =D

Sorry I haven't posted about the campout until now but I've been busy. The campout was amazing and I had a lot of fun! =)

Day #1) The first day of the campout we started out in putting up the tent, setting up the picnic table etc. as all smart campers do. As soon as we got there, Jon brought Andrew Eissing over to help him with the tent and together, (with a little help from the rest of us,) they got the tent up.

Here are a few pictures of them/us putting up the tent:

Jon and Andrew putting up the tent.

The tent is almost completely up! =D

Rose helps tie some of the few last stakes to the ground.

Rose sweeps out all the nasty dirt from the last camping trip we had.
She's such a great helper! =)

After we got our campsite set up we then went to the pavilion where the session and diner was to be held. Diner was amazing. It consisted of sub-sandwiches with all sorts of yummy sides.

Here's a picture of the subs:

After we had our meal we had our first session. The session was on hosting others to your house and practical ways in keeping the Lord's day when having people over. It was a very good session and we talked about subjects such as: should you be able to have ultimate frisbee after lunch? Should you go shopping on a Sunday? How much food should you have prepared before you host? Etc.

After the session, we had our CHRF Annual Bonfire. Our bonfire is a lot of fun as we have hay rides and lots of fellowship involved with it. The smores I could almost care less about. The chocolate is what everyone is always after anyways, isn't it? Well, I know that's what I'm after. ;)

Here are a few pictures:

Our lovely bonfire

The best part of a smore. =)

After our beautiful bonfire it was time for bed.

Day #2) This day, I honestly can't remember too well. Oops! But. . . we played kickball for the first time and my team won so we got to advance to the finals! =D

Here is a picture of the first game:

After the first game we had diner, the second session and then danced. =) The second session was on putting Jesus first on sundays, and, every other day of the week. . . =)

The dancing consisted of contra, the Virginia reel, (my favorite kind of dance,) and a waltz, which I didn't get to dance because my brother's were off dancing with other girls. . . shoot! =P

Oh well, it was fun, and my hair was crazy by the end of it. =)

Here's a picture of Jon, my little sister Ruth and a casual friend, Katie after we all danced:

Day #3) This day started out with some football. At first I played with some of the youth in our church and then I played with little Christopher P. He is soo cute! And he really has talent when it comes to sports. =)

After football was over we played the last 2 games for the kickball game to determine the winners. My team ended up getting second! =D (It wasn't of my doing though. ;) ) But it was fun to get to play some kickball. It's been a while. . .

Here's a picture of the final game:

After the final game my favorite time of the campout. I got to help my mom with the nature crafts! =) The most interesting part about this time was being asked to take pictures and help the children with their crafts at the same time. This resulted in some interesting pictures being taken. =P

Here are a few of the ones that I took:

The children waiting patiently for the activity to begin.

Mom shows them how to make the two nature crafts that we were doing that day.

The children asking questions.

After the nature crafts we had diner and then the talent show. It was a lot of fun! =)

Day #4) This day we had church outdoors in the pavillion. It was awesome, yet slightly cold. After that we had lunch and went home.

The End! =D

P.s. Here are some more pictures of the campout if you wish to see some more:

One of my favorite little girls: Cara, and I. =)

Whitney! She is awesome! =)

Tim and one of my favorite little boys at our church: Joshie! =)
So cute! <3

Our awesome psalter book that I "believe" is traditional in conservative Presbyterian cricles. =)

And that is all. =)

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  1. i love that picture of you and Cara- and the chocolate. =D